Tica Oxean OX30 Lever Drag Reel SPOOLED

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Tica Oxean OX30 Lever Drag Reel SPOOLED 

Code: TICOX30


Spooled with 400 metres of 24KG, 53lb IGFA Nylon backing under 400 metres of 50lb x8 Braid. Total 800 metres. 

The Tica Oxean series light game reel features a one-piece, corrosion resistant lightweight graphite frame. The dual carbon drag plates sit either side of the spool to ensure smoothness and dissipate heat.

There is an extra loud line out alarm, so you can easily hear the fish strike.

Fitted with 6 x sealed precision stainless steel RRB rust resistant ball bearings for smoothness and reliability.
* 6 x RRB rust resistant bearings
* Heavy duty multi point anti-reverse system
* Rigid stainless steel drive gear
* Micro click pre-set drag lever
* Forged, anodized corrosion resistant spool
* Soft Touch handle
* Dual drag system
* Carbon drag washers
Tica Oxean OX30
* Weight; 1205g
* Gear Ratio 3.8:1,
* Line retrieve rate; 99.7cm,
* Max drag 15kg
* Capacity mono 590yd/50lb, PE braid 680m #8
All Tica Oxean reels come with a 10 year warranty

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