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Tica Surf Combo Galant 1463, FS10000
Code: GA4503SU-FS10000
This hi-performance long cast surf set is perfect for beach or rock fishing.
Rod features;
Tica Galant surf casting rods are constructed using high modulus interwoven carbon fibre.
The 4.5m 3 piece slim line blank features a hybrid tip constructed from high-strength graphite for more power and accurate casting. The hybrid tip features reflective finish for night fishing.
The rod butt features an ergonomic palm swell to ensure your hand placement is the same for every cast,
so you can aim your casts with confidence.
Cast weight is rated at 100-220gm.
Fitted with light weight low profile guides to make the rod very light in the hand, with a finished total weight of only 550 grams.
This is a high performance rod for the discerning angler that wants distance and accuracy,
to place casts exactly where the fish are holding.
Reel features;
The Tica Flash Surf FS10000 is a surf reel that offers fishermen a precision build and silky smooth feel at a
comfortable price point. This reel weighs in at a light 535gm, making it ideal for building an ultra-light surf combo.
Carbon is used for the frame, rotor, and handle, to keep the weight down but also to keep the frame rigid and strong.
There is a small lubrication port on the main body, giving easy access to lube the main gear.
The 5.2:1 gear train runs fast and smooth on 7 RRB ball bearings, giving a line retrieval rate of 114cm per handle turn.
Fitted with a long shaft and long cast spool and a slow oscillation lets line wind perfectly back onto the spool with no line overlap, resulting in perfect long casts. The spool line guard system
is now almost silent.
The spool also features a stainless line keeper button which can be used as a casting memory device, simply loop your line around the protruding button after your perfect cast. Now wind the line
back in and cast again, the line will stop going out when it reaches the loop you put in the button - and your cast will stop at exactly the same distance/length as your initial cast.
There is an extra drag knob with this reel. The quick-set drag features an integrated preset control which effectively gives you a similar concept to a baitfeeder reel, and is perfect for
Crank the main drag up, then set your desired maximum drag with the small preset knob. Then back the main drag off to put your reel into Baitfeeder mode - simple!
The main drag has max drag of 12kg.
Reel Specs;
* 7 sealed precision stainless steel Rust Resistant Ball bearings (RRB)
* Anti-twist line roller with bearing.
* Forged aluminium spool .
* Computer balanced rotor.
* One-way instant anti-reverse roller bearing.
* Worm shaft oscillating system.
* Click alert for a light strike.
* Long shaft for better line winding.
* Right/ left interchangeable handle.
* Soft-touch handle knob.
* Solid aluminium bail wire.
* Quick-set drag system.
* Smooth powerful carbon drag washers.
* Slow oscillation improves line lay on spool with a slower up and down stroke, reduces friction when line flows out for a longer distance casting.
* Weight; 535g
* 5.2:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 114cm line per handle turn.
* Max drag 12kg
* Capacity 285/25lb, 310m/0.30mm
* Tica Reel has 10 Year Warranty
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