Tica Topwater Combo 802 15kg, TB8000 PE 3-7 Product Code: TIC240S190-TB8000

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Tica Topwater Combo 802 15kg, TB8000 PE 3-7
Code: TIC240S190-TB8000
Heavy saltwater topwater spin combo.
More than a good luck charm the Tica TB8000 reel was forged to deal with large predators like Kingy's, Doggies, GT's and marauding Kelpies. With a maximum drag capacity of 25kg and designed for
use with braid, this reel will handle anything the monsters lurking beneath you, can throw at it.
This reel features a waterproof aluminium main body, cover, and rotor, and forged aluminium alloy spools. The main shaft, main gear and worm shaft oscillating system are all made from hardened
stainless steel for strength, then encased in 8 sealed precision stainless rust resistant ball bearings (RRB) to keep it all running as smooth as silk. An instant anti-reverse roller bearing in
the rotor, anti-twist line roller and a
huge waterproof drag, keep the braid under control while fighting your fish.
This reel is supplied with an EVA handle, the forged alloy spool capacities are; braid PE #7/300m, or mono 10kg/300m.
Hi Speed 5.2:1 gear ratio.
10 year warranty.
Tica Tuna Star 240S-190 is a 2 piece 8'0" popper/stickbait rod suitable for casting lures in the 50g to 190g weight range.
The blank joint is inside the handle to retain the perfect action of the rod.
The slimline blank has uplocking alloy reel seat and contoured grips.
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