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The Tica Victor TYA5R is a high speed reel perfect for jigging and/or casting. 
The powerful tempered brass alloy main gear and pinion are matched to a smooth and superb carbon drag with a max setting of 15kg. There are 8 sealed, stainless RRB rust resistant
bearings plus a one way anti-reverse roller bearing for instant hook ups.
This reel features a thumb bar spool release for easy casting and the spool re-engages with a turn of the handle. A magnetic cast control will prevent overruns when casting, plus there
is a huge clicker alarm to wake you up when you're on the bite. 
Combine all this with a rigid one piece main frame that is CNC machined from forged bar stock, 
and it creates a very durable and strong reel that will last a lifetime. 
The hi-speed 6.1:1 gearing will retrieve 93cm of line for every turn of the handle. 
8 x stainless steel ball bearings, sealed both sides, with rust resistant coating

Forged and machined aluminum frame

One-way clutch

High heat resistant carbon washers give smooth powerful drag

Forged spool, anodized to protect from corrosion

Magnetic cast control

Micro click adjustable star drag

Adjustable handle length

Loud line out alarm

Waterproof drag knob

High strength brass alloy main gear

EVA covered aluminum handle, counter-balanced to remain in upright position

Carbon hi-lights are designed to protect frame

6.1:1 retreive rate, 93cm per handle turn

Capacity: PE2 550m, PE2.5 450m, PE3 370m

Max Drag: 15kg

This reel has a 10 year warranty.
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