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Trokar is known for producing the sharpest fishhooks on the planet, and has a comprehensive line of hooks that will pierce and penetrate the toughest of mouths that cruise the world's oceans.
With its symmetrically engineered three-sided point, superior quality wire and heat-treatment, and complete with welded eyes on select styles, there isn't an array of hooks available that compete with Trokar.
The full saltwater line-up starts with the TK3 & TK4 Lancet Circle.  These hooks are a light-to-mid wire circle hook with a wide gap and welded eye, offered in sizes 1/0 - 9/0.
Available in both an offset (TK3) for sure hook ups and also non-offset (TK4) version for tournament fishing where offset hooks are banned.  The Lancet Circle is ideal for a myriad of species, techniques and fisheries.

Sizes Available: 

  • TK3 - 1/0 14 per PACK
  • TK3 - 2/0 13 per PACK
  • TK3 - 3/0 12 per PACK
  • TK3 - 4/0 12 per PACK
  • TK3 - 5/0 11 per PACK
  • TK3 - 6/0 9 per PACK
  • TK3 - 7/0 8 per PACK
  • TK3 - 8/0 7 per PACK
  • TK3 - 9/0 7 per PACK (Out of Stock)
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