Tungsten Pocket Rocket by Catch 25g, 32g or 45g

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Tungsten Pocket Rocket by Catch 25g, 32g or 45g
***To see the Tungsten Pocket Rockets in action, watch the video above***
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  • 25g
  • 32g
  • 45g

Available colours:

  • Ballistic Blue (Blue)
  • Shady Lady (Pink)
  • White Warrior (Silver/Glow)
  • Orange Assassin (Orange/Yellow)

There is a simple reason why micro jigs are the size that they are. To allow the angler to work the lure in such a way as to encourage the fish to strike. Tungsten with it’s high atomic mass adds extra weight to a small profile. This means the angler can fish these small jigs through the full water-column, a very effective lure when the bite is slow!


  • Heavy tungsten – small profile
  • Great for both shallow and deep water fishing when it’s a tough bite
  • Irresistible action that stimulates aggressive bites
  • Uses the same light weight fishing tackle as you would for soft baiting
  • Lightweight high-strength assist hook and braid

We’ve all heard the old adage about “bigger baits, bigger fish”……

In general, that is correct, however, when the fish aren’t feeding aggressively, a microjig is highly effective at stimulating a bite, and that applies to fish of all size, even extra-large snapper and kingfish.

Let’s start with a standard lead micro jig, 20 grams, cast them out or drop them down, and the various angles give the lure an action that simulates a dying baitfish. Microjigs are great, however one limitation is they are difficult to fish in deeper water.

The solution is to use Catch Pocket Rockets made from tungsten.

Tungsten has a high atomic mass that adds extra weight to a small profile….in fact it is 1.7 times more dense than lead. This means the angler can fish these small jigs right through the full water-column.

Catch Pocket Rockets also descend faster than lead lures through the water column, “What difference does that make”? I hear you say.. It means the line tightens back to your rod more quickly, keeping you in contact with the jig, and most importantly, you can react quicker when you feel a bite.

We have brightly coloured the Pocket Rockets on one side, and put a realistic baitfish on the other side. We have proven this to be a high effective way to get your lure noticed by fish from further way

There is no particular method that is better to use with this lure, try mixing it up to see what works best on the day, a slow pitch, longfall, or just twitch it along the bottom. As with most jigs, you’ll find you will be most successful if you have your line as vertical as possible when the lure hits the bottom.

You need Catch Pocket Rockets in your tacklebox, and you can use much the same rod and reel as you use for softbaiting. If you really want to turbo charge them, add some Catch Waterwings.

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