VIKING Rudder for Profish Models - Factory Fitted

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This factory fitted Viking Angler Rudder System (short blade design) will fit any of the Viking Profish kayaks.
Code: PLU 1100
Designed specifically for kayak anglers and paddlers who want a hassle free rudder system whether they’re launching from surf beaches, exploring the kelp beds, or paddling wide of the coast.
The short blade design doesn’t need an up-haul and is always working, even when the water is almost too shallow to paddle. In deeper water the short design ensures the rudder rests in the kayak’s
wake without adding any significant drag – the ultimate in efficiency.
Now with 'Toe Tab' foot controls for superior control.
The 'Angler' blade works fantastic, plus there is no requirement for an up haul - super convenient.
A rudder system will make your kayak much easier to manage in windy conditions.
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