Zeets Floating Stickbait 100g (7 Colours)

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Zeets Floating Stickbait 100g (235mm)
Qty: 1

Weight: 100g

Length: 235mm
Colours Available: 

  • ZB100   - Black
  • ZBL100 - Blue
  • ZG100  - Grey
  • ZP100   - Pink
  • ZY100   - Yellow/Green
  • ZGW100 - Grey/White
  • ZGB100 - Grey/Black 
These Zeets Floating Stickbaits are the end result of many years of travel and fishing the world for trophy gamefish. These handmade Zeets Floating Stickbait have been proven to swim easily and tuned carefully for best action. There is increased sweep and pause for a swimming action or quicker/shorter sweeps and jabs for a panicked action. In calm conditions, you can tie leader directly to the lure or in choppy conditions use a size 1 NT swivel with #10 split ring for connection to your leader of 80-150lb.

Note: Lure colours and delivery times may vary as each quality Zeets product is handmade to order. Hooks are not included.
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